Amazon Review #2: Ancient history at its most entertaining

A literary and well-informed reader, Catmandoo, has reviewed Sword of Marathon on

Our two young Gothic heroes, Luke, a prince, and younger brother Hal, are ably supported (or thwarted, depending on your point of view) in their quest to secure vital trade routes, by a cast of equally believable and cunning seafarers, philosophers, soldiers, explorers, traitors and vagabonds. Let’s not forget the occasional Amazon either (tip: if you ever meet one at a party, best avoid, especially if you’re a bloke!).

Jack England serves up a brilliant mix of ancient history (as it should have been taught but never was), romance, bravery and rampant skulduggery, into a damn good yarn which makes for a great read – the style is informal, but achieves graphic, no-holds-barred, portrayals of the raw shock of combat and life during difficult and treacherous times. Watch your back….

He presents just enough historic tit-bits on the politics, economy, geography, seafaring, warmongering and survival during this volatile era, to paint his scenes all the more convincingly without overpowering the underlying story – nor forgetting that it is still just that – a ‘damn good yarn’.

Clever stuff!

Roll on the next instalment….

The first draft of the next instalment is currently progressing well, Catmandoo, perhaps a little slower than I’d hoped, as the Athenians are set on bickering with the Spartans. However, the gates of Thermopylae approach relentlessly.