Book Beta, first draft: 21,000 threshold crossed

At 21,837 words, this morning, we crossed the 21,000 word milestone in the first draft, 20% of my way into the overall 105,000 word target (approximately the number of words in the first novel). That really will be a rough target, with perhaps a larger volume than the Book Alpha, as Luke, it seems, is bent on making this a wider-ranging journey than I had initially imagined, though it’s interesting following him.

Next word-count check at 31,500 words, in perhaps a couple of weeks.

It would seem Mrs England has one or two things for me to do, before then, in the interfering place known as the real world.


Hello world! :-)

Being more of a person who prefers to live mentally in a world looking more like ‘The Wind in the Willows’, than this modern 21st century age, a friend has helped me make the leap towards becoming connected. What will follow will be occasional posts on the progress of my series of novels starring Luke and Hal, two Gothic princes from the northern Kingdom of Angland, who somehow find themselves fighting for the Greeks against the Persians in the struggles made popular by Herodotus in his Enquiries (or as they are more popularly know, his Histories). I hope you enjoy these posts, as I share the tribulations of writing these novels, whilst also trying to hold down a day-job and maintaining a sane family life. I also hope you enjoy the novels, as they are produced.

And if it’s the last thing I ever do, I will complete them all, or die trying.