This should be a movie! – ‘Sword of Marathon’ reviewed by Michael McKay, host of ‘Radio Free Market’

The host of Radio Free Market, Michael McKay, a prominent Ron Paul supporter in the United States, has reviewed ‘Sword of Marathon’. Here is the text of that review:

Damn you Jack England!

A good friend of mine told me about your book, having just devoured it – so he said.

Well, your book devoured me instead. I always love a great adventure story but your book is so much more: it immersed me into Ancient Europe, Greece and Persia. I found it fascinating how dappled throughout it are historical tidbits of all sorts, like how the Banks and Bankers back then were really the Temples and Trusted Priests. Fascinating, and tidbits like this only deepened the hook in me.

The way England writes is like a river that is ever increasing in speed, strength and cross currents until I, the swimmer, am trapped and I start missing sleep, being late for appointments and otherwise keep people (that I shouldn’t) waiting while I am entranced in this book.

And then, at the end you, Mr. E, set it up so that now I cannot wait for your next book – or to see this on the big screen!

Damn You Jack England!

Mr McKay, if you are reading this, the first draft of ‘Book Beta’ is currently up to just over 65,000 words.


Book Beta draft: 31,500 word milestone achieved

Another good productive week, in the glorious sunshine of a four-day English summer, as we sailed through the next drafting milestone.

Book Alpha, ‘Sword of Marathon’, is still going through some niggling formatting checks, but we’re almost there with its publication.

Next word check, at 42,000 words, which has a nice ring about it.

10,500 words done on Book Beta first draft

While very close to pressing the ‘Accept Proof’ button on Sword of Marathon, or Book Alpha, I’m now underway with Book Beta; I’ve just crossed the magical 10,000 words threshold in the first draft.

Book Alpha, required three initial drafts, then a revision, then a polish, and is now going through the final stages of a proofing polish, so that’s about six drafts in all, with the most work being done on the first draft. Book Alpha also turned out to contain approximately 105,000 words, so I’m setting all my drafting milestones to be at 10% of that, and I’ve just hit that first milestone, though I suspect the final publication will be longer. I’m hoping to hit 21,000 words, in Book Beta’s first draft, in two more weeks. I’ll write a post when I hit that.

Alas, I’m unable to reveal a working title for Book Beta yet, as Mrs England will kill me if I do, but please do expect it to contain – at the very least – scenes from Thermopylae and Salamis. There may be other books later in the series, which fill in more of the missing years between Marathon and Thermopylae, but for the second book in the series, I thought it would be good if we at least found out about Luke’s involvement in that particular encounter with the Persians.

Currently, he’s footling about in Arabia, and I’ve no idea how he’s going to get from there to the hot gates. However, I am confident that he will find a way.

Right, better get back to that first draft to find out what he’s up to.