Amazon review #4: A blast

A perceptive lover of history and the fight of good against evil, Vincent, has written a review of Sword of Marathon on

Never before have I found a novel that so brilliantly combines ancient history and the stories of Antiquity with a timeless modern-day tale of valor, interpersonal relationships, the fight of good against evil, and the primacy of the individual over the collective.

Jack England not only takes his readers on a rollercoaster ride of suspense throughout forgotten parts of our history but also manages to insert deeper principles into his story without losing sight of the ultimate purpose of the novel: entertainment.

Sword of Marathon makes a great read for everyone really. Whether you are the history buff, the political philosophy geelk, or the ordinary no-nonsense novel reader next door, you will definitely find some reward in getting a copy of this well-written, entertaining and insightful book.

Let’s hope Jack England’s first novel won’t be his last.

There’s at least two more in me, Vincent. Thank you for the review.