Amazon review #7: An adventure worth taking

A perceptive and erudite man, Aaron, has written a crisp review of Sword of Marathon, on

Jack England has written an exciting tale that keeps the reader gripped to each page.

In doing so he has accomplished the difficult task of creating a fantastical world that is at the same time believable.

The reader is drawn into this vibrant landscape that intertwines the magic of ancient legend with the eternally familiar themes of commerce, struggle, violence, loss and new beginnings.

This all set against the backdrop of genuine historical events that have shaped the world as we understand it today.

Marathon, to my mind, is the key battle of ancient times, which helped create the modern world, for good or ill. The ‘glorious defeat’ of Thermopylae was of course important too, and much more romantic, but without Marathon, Thermopylae would never have been necessary. By then, Sparta would have been an island under constant Persian assault, probably crumbling later rather than sooner, but still crumbling nevertheless. Fortunately, in Book Beta, we’ll get to Thermopylae, to figure out what really happened. By the way, Aaron, Xerxes has just left Sardis, and the Athenians are just about to work out whether to stay in Greece or to leave for Italy. It’s starting to get exciting again! 🙂